Gathá Princess


Getting to know Gatha Princess

This talented female Bahamian artist not only sings. She is also a songwriter who designs and makes the majority of her performance outfits. Her hobbies include baking, beaching, writing, dancing, and a few other extra activities occupy her time. At the age of 12 she began writing love poems and was encouraged by one of her teachers to take writing poetry and love stories into consideration. That she did, but she used her writing for songs. Her stage name "Gatha Princess" defines her well. She is the princess of poetry, songs, and though she is shy, she has had a few opportunities to speak at a events.

Her passion is music driven by aspects of life. This young lady loves the Lord, her daughter, her parents and family, her dogs, and of course, she loves music. 

Without a doubt, this 'song bird' had obstacles in her life, but she accepts the fact that they helped her be the person she is today. She takes her mistakes and uses them as steps to help her grow. It took her years to realise that extending her wings a little further would help others see how wonderful God is. 

She believes that there is no mountain to high to climb as long as we remember that God is holding our hands while we climb.

Sinisha, as she is known, has featured in shows in her hometown Exuma, Andros, and Nassau which are all islands in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. She also participated and came 1st in a Coast2Coast Industry Mixer in Miami 2012/Nov/30. Click Here for a short video of her performance. She is presently ranked as #1 on the Reverb Nation for her music - Click Here to follow.

Below is a video of previews from the Coast 2 Coast show also.

You may also see other videos of her performing on youtube. Click Here Stay tuned for more on 'Gatha Princess' or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn..

Listen to her songs on SoundCloud

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